Energize 1 18 min Pre-Workout 1-21 Hz Psych up for a workout
  2 17 min AM Pumper 1-14 Hz A gentle ramp up for the day
  3 24 min Afternoon Power Booster 2-24 Hz Relax then energize
  4 5 min Revup 7-42 Hz Beta and gama waves and low pitches for a charge
  5 10 min Varoom 1-42 Hz A motivational session, a body/mind tonic
  6 5 min Wired 21-42 Hz Gamma waves, beta waves and stretching pitches
  7 30 min Nap 'n Zap 2.5-28 Hz Relaxation followed by energizing beta blast
  8 15 min Turbo 10-34 Hz Low pitches and high powered beta offset Hz
  9 30 min Sportswave 16-30 Hz Designed for high alertness activities
  12 18 min Hi N-R-G 1-20 Hz 1-20 Hz of beta offset frequencies and low pitch
  13 23 min UMPH 14-42 Hz A great tonic to use first thing in the morning

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